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The Traditional council has partnered with the Joe Slovo Foundation, to slow down deforestation by engaging in a carbon sequestration progtamme. Together they have identified various pockets of forests within East Pondoland that are under the threat of illegal and unplanned logging, primarily for commercial purposes in cities.

The traditional council is committed to preserving these forest areas, which will also reduce global warming through the sequestration of carbon within trees.This effort is funded by donations to the Joe Slovo Foundation Forestry Stewardship & Management Programme. The programme trains women in the locality , through certified courses, at Rhodes |University to manage, monitor, and stop the erosion of the forests.

The reporting and monitoring of the project is managed by the Foundation and the results certified by an United Nations accredited 3rdParty Auditor. In time these results will be translated into Carbon Credits and a Carbon Sequestration projects which will enbale the entire project to become self-sustainable for the next decade


The project is in its infancy, atPilot stage and requires further funding to give it off and to be able to pay for the traning and the saleries of the women for which we need your support



Saving  the Forrests of East Pondoland, South Africa

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The rapid rate of commercial deforestation has become a cause of great concern for the Traditional Council of East Pondoland, a mountainous region in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.