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Joe Slovo Foundation launches worldwide GlobalGiving Crowdfunding Campaign to Protect 3312 Girls from being Raped Tomorrow

By martinfdolny, Sep 12 2017 03:03PM

The Joe Slovo Foundation in conjunction with GlobalGiving launched a World-Wide Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money yesterday to roll out a Rape Rescue Alarm Service country-wide - the free service is part of its 'STOP RAPE NOW in SOUTH AFRICA initiative.

The Foundation was selected by GlobalGiving to be part of its Accelerator Program that will last for two weeks during which time GlobalGiving give bonuses and match funds raised.

According to the United Nations a girl or woman is raped in South Africa every 26 seconds - equal to 3312 females every 24 hours -and the focus of the campaign is on preventing another 3312 girls from being raped tomorrow.

A copy of the firs-phase campaign email cna be veiwed at

To monitor progress on the campaign visit

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